1. Mademoiselle, do you know how they say sodomy in French?

  2. Eh. She’s not 14, but I guess I’ll rape her anyway.

  3. How did I get saddled with this old broad?

  4. carpaltunnel

    she had such a hot ass in ‘the ninth gate’.

  5. I’d make a joke, but the fact that this buttfucking child rapist is still walking around and breathing my air just isn’t funny.

  6. He’s a fucking pig who should be behind bars.

  7. Ireland Baldwin in 10 years.

  8. “Psst!…I think they’re after me Lucky Charms!”

  9. She is a babe, regardless of her age. I have no idea why she’s with that tiny little piece of shit.

  10. It’s a rare couple where both partners are too old for one another.

  11. He is a filthy old man, and she has a young woman’s body and an old spinster’s face, malignant eyes.

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