1. Wow…I guess Michael really did touch him in so many ways.

  2. it’s confirmed…he was Michael’s main fuck boy.

  3. “And then he would sit down on it wearing this outfit, like this….”

  4. Looks like he’s trying out the Micheal Jackson mic stand.

  5. Cuddles

    What’s the child molester equivalent of Stockholm Syndrome? Lets just call it Corey Complex.

  6. That’s one way to react to the burning sensation left by those prostitutes from last week.

  7. j/k

    Since when did they call a 3pm broadcast on TNT a “screening”?

  8. I thought this was the re-enactment of the new Michael Jackson trial.

  9. Performing??????? Performing what???

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    I think everyone in attendance would rather have seen River Phoenix trotted out instead of this.

  11. Looks like he’s just hurrying to drop some friends off at the pool.

  12. WOW. I thought Michael HAD returned, until I noticed the dark skin.

  13. Everyone scoffed, until suddenly Feldman dropped and snatched a penny off the ground without using his hands.

  14. Sadly, this is the only “talent” he has.

  15. What an insult to a classic film. You have three things that make me want to let you live – Stand By Me, The Goonies, and the Lost Boys.

    Start fucking with them, and rest assured we will find a way to turn you into a specimen jar of syphilitic paste.

  16. Nanook

    He’s like a real life, 80s version of Disco Stu.

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