1. I wish my GF was taller than me. Probably easier to find those chicks if you are 4′ 11″ though.

  2. catapostrophe

    There’s no way he’s giving her any of his Smartwater.

  3. tlmck

    He still has money to buy chicks?

  4. Dinklage Faustino.

  5. There’s the smile of a guy who’s just glad to be recognized.

  6. His camouflage trousers are not working. I can still see them.

  7. Lol…some women have no respect for themselves.

  8. Jeeze, they left the gate to the douche factory open again.

  9. Unless she’s packing a cock, Grandmaster B is batting way above his average here.

  10. “Excuse me!… I think this little boy lost his mommy!”

  11. Shoot that little son of a bitch and bring the woman to me!

  12. “Aaallllll! Bud’s wearing those camo shorts again. Do something before he embarrasses himself again.” “Jesus Peg, it’s not like girls are gonna notice him or anything.”

  13. Swearin

    How old was she when Married with Children went off the air, like 2?

  14. I feel sad for her, having to ride all the amusement park rides by herself.

  15. Arzach

    I’m sure everybody thinks that she is his babysitter

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