1. So the colonel used all his money to invent a time machine, wonderful…

  2. catapostrophe

    It’s increasingly unfortunate, the technical glitches all over this once-perfectly okay site. It seems a bit much to ask of visitors to have to refresh the page when scrolling through photos to see the correct descriptions thereof.

  3. Huh. First time a French movie title has made MORE sense.

  4. renotastic

    What’s French for Very Bad Movie?

  5. Didn’t know John Goodman had a brother.

  6. I love that man’s chicken!

  7. tlmck

    “It Takes a Thief”. The portly years.

  8. In France, they’re on the metric system, so they wouldn’t know what the fuck a hangover is.

  9. Swearin

    Is it a good idea to show up to a film premier in France looking like a German scientist in business-casual?

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