1. Her ass is applying for statehood once Texas secedes.

  2. Sweetie, “skinny jeans” is what they ARE, not what they DO.

  3. tlmck

    “I’m telling you that suspension is not going to be heavy enough.”

  4. Forget the acid-wash jeans, can I get some acid in my face, to burn that image out of my head?!

  5. lawn

    It’s obvious that giant asses run in Kris’ side of the family.

  6. Looks like a double amputee with that display of peg-leg.

  7. Bill Clinton

    Why kan’t all those Kardashian kunts die? Or just go away? Either way would work.

  8. “Khloe, When did you buy jeggings?”
    “I’m not wea- …Shut up!”

  9. cc

    ‘Noooooo. don’t step on the interlock!’

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