1. Guy behind him has quite the camel toe going on. Jeah!

  2. Cock Dr

    Not impressed in any way.

  3. Vin Diesel, on the left, casting for The Fast & Furious 8.

  4. tlmck

    “That’s right Ryan. You are no Jon Hamm.”

  5. Apparently, what Ryan Lochte would do is hang out with Right Said Fred.

  6. “Move it along bro… This is a hockey rink.”

  7. “Oh shit! You have to swim right now. You’ll have to slip the zucchini into your trunks after the heat…”

  8. The dude never goes anywhere without a bottle of love lube …

  9. Ryan Lochte at the Massengill Aquatic Center.

  10. The “shrinkage” excuse doesn’t work when you haven’t been in the water yet, Lochte.

  11. Even his torso looks disappointed in his package.

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