1. Is today’s “Crap” sponsored by Bud Light? If so, apropos.

  2. Say, Shia—is there an actual, inside studio for this “class”? Because if not, you might just be paying some guy to punch you on the street.

  3. Silkscreen is not a “martial” art.

  4. tlmck

    I knew he’d eventually be broke and homeless.

  5. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    He’s marshalling the art of odd sock wearing. Damn you tough, bro!

  6. “Oh man…I *knew* that second beer would be a mistake…”

  7. (….I will finally be able to KICK ASS next time some bouncer tries to kick me out of a Hollywood bar….)

  8. Hahah he finally wants to win a fight so he’s looking for a master to teach him.

  9. Batu Khan

    At a martial arts class?! Is he the punching bag?

  10. ” I swear I was famous…what happened?”

  11. Racheee

    Huh, so it’s true for celebrities too, everyone likes the smell of their own brand.

  12. “Why won’t they let me in?”

  13. It doesn’t look like he’s at a martial arts class. It looks like he’s sweating off a hangover and waiting for someone to give him a dollar or two to buy “a hair of the dog.”

  14. This is what they are calling ‘homeless’ these days?

  15. Batu Khan

    Soon, my master tells me. Soon I’ll hold my own against Justin Bieber.

  16. Sweet, when does he fight Danny Bonaducci?

  17. Swearin

    Being an entitled douchbag “artiste” must be exhausting

  18. cc

    ‘LaBoeuf vs Fat Vancouver Guy – The Rematch’. Coming soon on pay per view.

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