1. maoix

    Doing research for an upcoming role as Captain Ahab.

  2. My wife says your Diabetes is from vaccines.

  3. George P Burdell

    Behind every beautiful woman, there’s a guy who’s tired of banging her.

    And Donnie is now that desperate to get rid of Jenny.

  4. cc

    Thank God I got my looks from the German side of the family.

  5. From Jenny to Melissa?? That ain’t the Right Stuff Donnie. Come on Hang Tough.

  6. “I loved you when you were in New Kids on the Block!”
    “I loved you when you turned purple and had to be rolled away in Willie Wonka.”

  7. Thank you for keeping Wahlburgers in business.”

  8. Derek

    He is dating Melissa McCarthy?

  9. See, Jenny? I told you before we came over here that Irish food was fattening. Now look at ya!”

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