1. You know, I never did get why he kept casting her in his movies and then it hit me: She has huge hands and feet.

  2. When did Quentin Tarantino start looking like Grandpa Munster?

  3. “Mm, you had a pedicure. Didn’t you, baby?”

  4. cc

    ‘Uma, will you be Judy to my Punch?’

  5. JimBB

    The reason he keeps casting her is because she’s the first woman who could be around him for more than 5 minutes without telling him to STFU.

  6. Her breath must smell like feet.

  7. “Do you wanna see my extended version of Django Unchained? Spoiler alert, Django is what I call my penis.”

  8. Vlad

    You know uma means horse in Japanese? Now show me your hooves and I’ll cast you in my next movie.

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