1. Guess what, I think I’m parked in the red-zone!

  2. No Bruce, we salute you.

  3. Holy shit batman…what the fuck happened to him?

  4. Nature abhors a vacuum. Now that Bruce Jenner is a woman, someone had to step up and take his place.

  5. cc

    Hard to believe he’s a drinker.

  6. Nick Nolte's Foot Callus

    Looks like he was trapped in that recent Central California blaze.

    Picture him giving that exact solute butt naked with a popped boner.

  7. JimBB

    Still think partying with Mickey Rourke is cool, kids?

  8. Aww, he looks like shit. I still love him though.

  9. I want to say something bad, but this dude lived his life balls out. Played some pretty kickass roles in some pretty kickass movies.

  10. I heard that he refuses to watch any films in which his sister got naked. Boy, is he missing out! (Is there something Freudian lurking around somewhere in his psyche?)

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