1. “Well, I mean it’s a historically accurate place to poop, but it’s not what I had in mind when I asked the prop guys for a port-a-potty in the background…”

  2. renotastic

    “My ancient vinyl will fit nicely in these!”

  3. Smapdi

    “This Is STORAGE!”

  4. “What’s in the bahx”?

  5. cc

    ‘There are no Nazis in here!’

  6. JimBB

    Look, we’ve had it with you, Butler! Pack up your shit and GTFO!

  7. Swearin

    This Ark is special; rays of energy will strike down anyone who says he can’t hide his Scottish accent in any role

  8. “How the fuck am I supposed to bang any bitches in this fucking thing?”

  9. “Aye ’tis but a wee box bu’ I ken keep me haggis in it fer a snack.”

    Oh Scottish stereotype alert!

  10. Only when it dawned on him that he did not have corn the previous night, did he realize somebody else shit in his box.

  11. Step 2: Put your dick in the box

  12. “Dammit, this cooler is empty!… Who took my Zimas?!”

  13. Did he borrow Russell Crowe’s costume from “Gladiator”?

  14. “Hey! Who drank all the fookin’ beer?”

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