1. In her defense, that is a service dog. A little peanut butter in the right spot, and it performs a service.

  2. Steve R.

    Naomi’s tweet later that day. “I don’t follow the rules #thuglife.”

  3. cc

    Phew, she narrowly avoided a police department department beatdown.

  4. Every Farmer’s Market has that sign posted for liability insurance reasons. People bring their dogs in all the time and if the little furball bites somebody, *then* the market owners can say “Oh, the dog owner broke the rules! Must have smuggled that pit bull in!”

    FYI, people who bring their dogs to the Farmers Markets have well-behaved pets, although the new trend is let them off the leash (the dogs, not the owners), which I find a bit worrying. Even a well-mannered dog can get frightened if pushed or shoved in a crowd.

    • Prestige Johnson

      A dog ban at the farmer’s market has nothing to do with liability insurance and everything to do with sanitation.

      • Yup. I’ll take my dog everywhere he is allowed, but this just gross. Well behaved or not, indoor or out, dogs do not belong at markets of any kind. Off-leash dogs at a market should require mandatory spaying/neutering of the owner. Owners who take their dogs to a market when signs are clearly posted otherwise deserve imprisonment until such time as they can completely explain the story structure of Mulholland Drive.

      • You would not like California, then.

        People bring their dogs into restaurants, into the grocery store, onto public transportation everywhere: their “babies”.

        Management doesn’t say a thing else they will be accused of that worst of crimes, DOG HATER.

        If the farmers markets are so concerned about sanitation, then why don’t the security guards posted at the entrance ever tell people they can’t bring dogs in? I saw people walk their dogs right pat the NO DOGS sign at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (when I lived there) and the security guards patted the dogs.

        If you can’t trust signs, dude, what’s left to trust in this world?

      • CK

        Agreed. Ironically it’d be healthier for her to leave the dog on the leash, walking. Carrying it around, then touching unwrapped veggies/produce.. blech.

    • Voice of Reisling

      You’re really bumming me out.

  5. JimBB

    In her defense, that’s not her dog. She saved it from the Chinese section of the market.

  6. The first thing that came to my mind was that I’d love to do her doggystyle.

  7. I hate to defend celebrities, but it looks like she was just walking by and some pap saw a photo op.

    That being said .. service dogs are no cleaner than non-service dogs, and I can bet that half the people in the market are probably filthier than both.

  8. It’s LA and every rich wife or girlfriend has a dog they carry with them, how the hell would they actually enforce this? They would be out of business in a day. They would literally lose like 80% of their customers.

  9. She’s the hottest female on the planet, she can take her dog wherever the fuck she wants. Hopefully nude. Her, not the dog. The dog is already nude.

  10. I, for one, surely hope all those blind folks out there can read the sign that says their service dogs are exempt from getting the boot.

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