1. Mos Def? Or Mos Blind?

  2. Apparently they won’t let him back into the US but they will Bieber and the Kardashians. WTF, he is like the nicest, most peaceful guy ever.

  3. Guy looks like a fool dressed like that.

  4. gibble

    Sammy Davis Jr, with just a soupcon of Danny Glover and Boca Raton cougar.

  5. Ron

    “I wore high waters because I knew there was going to be lots of shit involved”

  6. He obviously dressed like that because he doesn’t give two shits about their wedding – he just reached into a hamper, pulled out a couple things, shrugged and was good to go.

  7. “Mos Def – Taste the Rainbow.”

  8. JC

    I think his clothes showed the proper amount of respect given the event he attended.

  9. In the bag…a towel.

    Also… this…

  10. j/k

    Somewhere Prince said, “Who the fuck stole my suit?”

  11. The best part was when Mos Def got to the wedding, took one look at Jaden Smith in his Batsuit, and told him, “You look like a fucktard.”

  12. Why would anyone willingly dress like this?

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