1. He thought he could just walk onto Leo’s boat?

  2. Jimmy

    What a life. Get it while you can, Adrian.

  3. Adrian….”K……who’s next?”

  4. Johnny Sack

    Pretty sure this is just the filming of Entourage and Vinny Chase is still banging hot chicks

  5. Adrian is the most uninteresting part of this photo – tag the others!

  6. cc

    So he’s reverse-aged back to 12, so I guess checking out 13 year olds is okay I guess.

  7. The chick in the orange top has just stepped into the zone where you can smell it.

  8. Pablo

    Just keep your head down and look away until we reach Leo at the end of the dock. Let the newbies behind us deal with the b-listers.

  9. Being an adult male with no post-adolescent muscle development whatsoever? So hot right now.

  10. He’s pretty brave to set foot outdoors, where the seagulls can smell his dick.

  11. “Um. I used to be on TV.”

  12. “Excuse me, how do you say in french I know I am not physically appealing but I am for unknown reasons famous and would like to have sex with you and your friends.”

    “Gerard Deipardieu”

  13. Hmmm. I thought he threw out that orange bikini top.

  14. “I’m a dork AND I play one on TV.”

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