1. I’d be willing to bet one of my kidneys this is a poster hanging on the CDC’s wall…


  3. renotastic


  4. A Gorilla

    “Sir, how exactly did you get skid marks ON TOP of your hood?”

  5. Smapdi

    For a moment, I was elated thinking the car had run her over.

  6. DrJ Fever

    When startled Trailer Park sluts go to their default position.

  7. Cock Dr

    It’s funny when the French pay to go see Pumpkinhead’s shenanigans. Some of them probably bought shirts and shit. Ha ha!


      I can’t imagine who actually pays to see this stupid bitch and her idiotic stage “show.” It’s proof that music really is dead and that people have zero taste. Coming up next: “Ass, the Movie.”

  8. anonymous

    Someone got a little chucky since she had to quit doing blow. I see a second chin growing.

    I’m actually surprised no one has captured any browneye shots yet considering all Miley does is bend over, spread her legs and pull up on her thong.

    Ireland Baldwin on the other hand went surfing just that one time….

  9. cc

    I often think she spends a lot of time fucking herself with fruit.

  10. “Is she lip-synching?”

    “No, the microphone is on.”

    “That wasn’t my question.”

  11. rican TWAT!

  12. eatme

    This what female empowerment looks like in the 21st century. It’s a beautiful world.

  13. How attention whores drive.

  14. She just keeps providing me with masturbation material. Such a thoughtful woman.

  15. I’ve often dreamed of taking her in this position. Coincidentally, the look on her face is the same.

  16. Ralph

    Her parents must be so proud.

  17. Bonky

    Oh, come on. What’s a bitch got to do to get laid ? I can’t put it
    out there anymore than this !

  18. Swearin

    “No y’all, I’m being serious, can someone reach in there and grab the car keys? Rick Ross needs this back by 9.”

  19. She is seriously desperate for attention.

  20. if this is what democracy leads to, I’m rethinking my rejection of Socialism.

  21. If you were to get hit by that car, I don’t know what would get damaged more, your knees or your face.

  22. Billy Ray

    It should’ve been me

  23. ronaldo

    Dad most be proud

  24. Flatliner

    I’m sure Woody Allen is out there somewhere wishing this was twelve years ago.

  25. I think this sundial is broken, it always reads Whore O’Clock.

  26. Vlad

    Only in France do cars drive under tunnels.

  27. Voice of Reisling

    Either Miley has gotten bigger or that Chevy Monte Carlo is not to scale.

  28. Alamander

    Billy Ray brand hood ornaments.

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