1. “So, listen here, Justine: If you can keep it discrete, I am more than willing to call you Miley for the night”

  2. renotastic

    “Don’t worry, Dawg. This shirt’s coming off after the appetizers!”

  3. Juch

    “You’re cute!”
    “No, you are!”
    “You are super cute!”
    “I know you are but what am I?”
    “You are super dreamy extra cute with kittens!”
    . . .

  4. Looks like someone just overheard a gay sex hookup being planned and she is a little shocked.

  5. “NO! Seriously, dude?”
    “Yeah, seriously. The doctors say it’s a rare Brazilian strain.”

  6. “Can you believe they won’t let us arrogantly remove our shirts for no reason? The gall of some people with their ‘decency.’”
    “I tattooed a musey-cal symbol on my head to remind myself of what I be do, dawg.”

  7. Ellen and Portia are so cute.

  8. cc

    Hmmm, apparently there’s a sub-species of vampires that feed on the blood of assholes.

  9. “Oy…Look at me mate. I’m a 60 year old coal miner.”

    “I prefer to be a 13 year old girl.”

  10. buzz

    Kellan: “Remember when bent you over and bang you back in January?”

    Justin: “You have the wrong person. I’m not Miley Cyrus.”

    Kellan: “You mean that wasn’t Justin Beiber?”

  11. JC

    “I’m gonna lick your G-clef, dude.”
    “Oooh, is that some new sex thing?”
    “No, dummy. It’s tattooed on your neck.”

  12. Bonky

    Top or bottom ?

  13. JimBB

    “And that’s why I think it totally wouldn’t be gay if we just used hands.”

  14. WonkStuff

    “So I told him I’m, like, a musician, so I want something to make people take that seriously. Then he tattoos this weird fuckin’ doodle on my neck. Dick.”

  15. Swearin

    “So did you see that movie where I played Hercules? I still have the costume…”

  16. KtothaJ

    Hahahahaha that tattoo! I bet Kellan has a tattoo of an Oscar statue behind his ear too!

  17. My thoughts when I saw this photo :

    “Is that a guy or girl?’

    ‘Oh, it’s Bieber. He looks almost cute here.’

    Excuse me while I go hang myself.

  18. gumbypokey

    The lesbian hairstyles are a bit much.

  19. “You pitch. I’ll catch.”

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