1. Meeting of the douchebags…

  2. The king of all pedos meeting with the asshole no one would give a shit about if he was not dating an A-List star.

  3. Ron

    Pictures of Terry always make my skin crawl

  4. George P Burdell

    If you will come with me so I can snap some quick pics; I promise to cum in your ass and not on it.

  5. cc

    “Ya, I know, that album Fappers Delight was awesome. What?”

  6. Not pictured: Mrs. Richardson.

  7. What – no plaid shirt?

  8. JimBB

    “Hey, nice to see you again Terry. Is this your daughter?”

    “Uh, yeah…daughter.”

  9. “I’m not gonna lie, I am into some pretty sick shit. But hold up a camera, take a few mediocre pictures and say it is art and people will let you get away with almost anything!”

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