1. At least she can crop/frame the image properly so that her titties upstage her face.

  2. Those are some pretty magnificent boobs.

  3. Johnny Sack

    I would love to stick my face in there

  4. Boombadoom boombadoom them supertits.
    I say Boombadoom boombadoom them supertits.

  5. cc

    I don’t like her but…holy shit those are marvelous.

  6. She’s showing off her tits with her mouth shut? I guess I can let her parents out of the crocodile pit now.

  7. She’s so beautiful. Pretty face, amazing tits and dat ass!

  8. Those luscious lips…I’ll bet she can do things with those suckers (pun intended) that even yours truly can’t think of.

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