1. She could wear an SS uniform and I’d still bang her stupid…

  2. renotastic

    “Aha! Yes, I see. Paula Patton looks waaaay hotter through these!”

  3. Frank Burns

    Now that she’s wearing beer goggles, I finally have a chance! Right??

  4. A stupid picture on Instagram – are you sure that’s not Ireland Baldwin?

  5. Johnny Sack

    2 of my favorite things…er, 4 of my favorite things

    Get it? 2 beers and 2 boobs? Ah, forget it.

  6. For those of you pointing out the goofy pair of glasses, it shows more character to come out to your friends and family.

  7. FishSucks

    Fishlipped whore is overrated.

  8. First time I realized she had a nose.

  9. You can keep the bottles, I’ll take the jugs.

  10. I’m not sure that’s approved safety eyewear for Uncle Terry photoshoots. Usually you need some sort of splash proof googles if there is a high chance of getting bodily fluids splashed in your eyes. Universal precautions, bitch.

  11. She kind of looks like a way better looking Calista Flockhart.

  12. navvet75

    what googles?

  13. Alright. She’s already on her way. You know the phrase “3 sheets to the wind’? I’m gonna need her to be at about 10 sheets for me to have a shot.

  14. cc

    Why are here breasts so awesome?

  15. George P Burdell

    ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ I’m heavenly blessed and worldy wise ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ I’m a peeping-tom techy with x-ray eyes ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ Things are going great, and they’re only getting better ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ I’m doing all right, getting good grades ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades ♬♬♬
    ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬ ♬♬♬

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