1. El Jefe

    Holy mother of cankles.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    This woman is so sexy that I might throw in an extra signed baseball in her sex parting gift bag.

    Wait, what’s in that bag she’s holding right now?

  3. DeucePickle

    She’s the hottest woman on Earth… from the cankles up.

  4. Where did those cankles come from?

  5. Cher X

    Meh. Before plastic surgery she looked like this:

    Amazing what they can do nowadays huh?

    • Jake

      Yes. You seem jealous that she went from hot to super hot, thanks to medical science. God bless doctors for keeping our sexual playthings in tip-top shape.

    • flatspottin'

      What an…. incredibly mild difference…. she’s still super hot.

      You be jelly!

    • Cher X

      Not at all. I just think it’s funny what plastic can do to a girl. If she hadn’t had it, she wouldn’t be on this site. ; )

    • Funny, just using a certain brands of foundations versus others will have the same plastic surgery effect on me….

  6. The Pope

    On any other day, this would be a cause for great fapulation…but today she’s following a post filled and overflowing with Kelly Brook.

  7. Deacon Jones


    I feel like Im in line at an amusement park, forced to stare at the fat cow’s leg in front of my face on the next step.

  8. j/k

    I hate to say it, but I’d take cankles over prison tats everyday.

  9. AAPL made me rich!

    Just awful. I mean—I wouldn’t even crudely place those cankles behind her head.

  10. CankerPudding

    I’d hit that ANY time (…she was wearing cowboy boots or UGGs)

  11. CankerPudding

    Apparently Derek Jeter paid for her plastic and left her cankle deep in the batters box

  12. alianne3

    Minkankle Kelly

  13. I didn’t know Minka was going to be the next Secretary of State…

  14. I could live with the cankle issue. I would waive the Cankle Penalty and simply make her pay an extra $2.00 entrance fee. e Voila…all is forgiven.

  15. This is the why god created the “Zoom” feature

  16. Why are you wasting time reading comments when you could be spending looking at those pancakes stacks…..why am I wasting time writing this comment when I good be looking at those mountain tops….

  17. Jorge da Chinless Posada

    Jeter broke up with her due to the cankles. A-Rod doesn’t have cankles.

  18. Giggity

    Jesus Christ on a crutch. I’ve never seen more moronic fucking comments in my life. If any one of the basement-dwelling douches on the “cankles” trip would honestly kick her out of bed because of something they made up (i.e., that she has cankles), they deserve to be escorted out of the gene pool. You’ll be lucky to have banged anyone half as hot as her in your short span on this earth. Please go back to jerking off to your Kim “dead behind the eyes, dead in the sack” Kardashian flick you snagged off of a file share that specializes in videos of chicks with elephantiasis of the ass and leave the decent women for the rest of us who are just glad we have them around to look at…

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