1. Crissy

    Nothing more attractive than the hungry butt look?

  2. El Jefe

    I love The Hudge.

  3. monkeylaugh

    Jesus, she’s a mess. I just imagine her smelling like toe cheese and patchouli oil.

  4. I’m waiting for the dreadlocks and the shoes with toes.

  5. lily

    she always looks like crap. here she appears to have not showered in days with the looks of those nappy nasty locks. and the flat butt and skinnyfat body…ugh shes just gross

  6. Indigo Leopard

    Man that looks sexy. Of course I mean the car!

  7. Those are $95 dollar pants and her ass is eating $25 worth of them.

  8. Looks very sexy from behind.

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