1. dontkillthemessenger

    T-Minus 4 months until Operation Child Support is complete.

  2. El Jefe

    If you are going to eventually pay out a shitload of alimony and child support to a woman eventually anyway, you may as well do it with a cute one like her.

  3. EricLr

    You know what, I really don’t feel like getting dressed this morning.

  4. Brian Blessed's Bastard Boy

    The kid isn’t even born yet and he’s already thrown three interceptions and been sacked six times.

  5. I think we need to get past all the hate and ugly remarks and come together on what’s really important here: BOOBS, ginormous BOOBS!

  6. alex

    How happy does she look to be “caught” by the paps?

    Her relevance is dropping by the minute…

  7. lily

    awww what a cute preggo girl, and nice to see she didnt turn into a blimp like the rest of them.

  8. Indigo Leopard

    I paid more attention th the S-class Mercedes in the background than her.

  9. journalschism

    Hollyweird Becky takin’ a stroll with a gut full of NFL quarterback jizz-uice. Nipples pokin’ through the dress n’errrrrthang!

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