1. Blech

    The guy in the back there, on the left, would do her.

  2. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiideboooooooooooooooooob

  3. Jake

    She looks like a pain in the ass, but after my three minutes of fun, it’s doesn’t much matter, does it?

  4. Now there’s a cleavage only a corpse would love! Somebody give this poor bitch a sandwich!

  5. Do we have a Bruce Vilanch sighting in the background folks!?


  6. Nothing like a dress that makes you look like you have a long, saggy, pointy pointy center boob.

  7. yuppeee

    well, hello. she started banging Sean Penn. Of course she lost her looks

  8. Looking at this crackhead after Kelly Brook’s bikini pics is like looking at dog shit after eating caviar.

  9. The front of her chest looks like a DalĂ­ painting…

  10. lily

    skinny and cute

  11. Lest we forget, she made her living mainly from modeling. So it’s pretty doubtful she’d put on any weight. I think she looks fine and dandy.

    She’s the one who was injured in, and who lost her fiance in, that tsunami in Thailand back in 2004. Probably scared the shit right out of her and she’s been bone-thin ever since.

  12. Indigo Leopard

    Is this a marketing ploy that there is always a creepy guy in the background in a hot chick’s picture? Is this supposed to make her look better?

  13. Da Cheese

    That side boob caused a tsunami in my pants.

    Too soon?

  14. I’m torn between looking at her sideboob and that stare which says “I’m going to eat you and then regurgitate you into Alicia Stone’s baby’s mouth so I don’t gain weight.”

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