1. Crissy

    The king who ate queens…

  2. EricLr

    Oh thank god they’re making Grown Ups 2!! You answered my prayers, Jesus, now I’ll keep my side of the promise and go to church more!

  3. Johnny P!

    The Wal-Mart of comedians.

  4. Grown Ups 2? Didn’t the first one kinda bomb?

    • Sigh. If only. Grown Ups grossed over $270 million worldwide. Sure, only half of that goes to the studio, but it’s still a nice profit for an $80 million movie, whatever the advertising budget was (probably $40 million). And of course, that’s before cable and video sales.

      But of course it’ll suck, and it could very well lose money, and maybe then after that, Jack & Jill and this new piece of shit coming out next month, maybe then they’ll stop giving Adam Sandler money to play with.

      • Indigo Leopard

        You’re right. Sandler movies suck lately. He was no Hitchcock to start with but like a candy bar some of his movies were enjoyable if not too good for you. But the crap he’s turning out lately… he better just go away.

  5. From the size of him, he must be playing David Spade’s character in addition to his own.

  6. The Royal Penis

    When are fat guys gonna learn that beards don’t make them look skinny?

  7. BlackAndWhite.Minstrel

    The ladies all love a little head

  8. Let me guess.

    Kevin James is going to run around and fall down like the fat fuck he is, and land an uber hot girl in the very end of the movie?

  9. Weeble’s wobble but they don’t fall down

  10. floyd

    Have you seen his wife? Hot for a fli…..anyway. People need to band together and not see Sandler movies. He puts out two or three POS movies each year and each one makes millions. Every one of them suck. Who goes to these movies? It really pisses me off for some reason. Pisses me off as much as Wall St bankers.

    • Why boycott Adam Sandler movies? He has the right to produce shit and people have the right to go see shit if they want. If Happy Madison Productions went under, quite a few people would be out of work.

      But on the bright side, at least you wouldn’t be pissed off anymore.

  11. Joe

    He’s Jonah Hill’s idol.

  12. Andre Soto

    Nice hairpiece. It totally makes him look young and sexy.

  13. journalschism

    Fat Tim Tebow.

  14. tlmck

    If ever there was a man destined to wear a work shirt with his name on it, this is the guy.

  15. “Kevin James? More like, ‘Fat-bearded-fuck’! Am I right, people?!” Sorry… I’m sorry. I’m just tired and I honestly don’t care enough about Kevin James to come up with something witty or clever.

  16. Soon they’ll have to roll him to set.

  17. King Diamond

    More like “Grown Out”.

  18. Meh

    He’d better watch it or he’ll end up just like John Candy – dead in his sleep from a massive coronary.

  19. So, he can push himself away from the table.

  20. GuestX

    lookin good kj, don’t listen to the fat police and the body nazis, but please try to make better movies, u are way better than mr sandler.

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