1. bigbetty

    Where did Dennis find a dress his size?

  2. Where is your hero now, Kim Jong Un?!

  3. Last time I was at a strip club in NYC I shattered my elbow on the floor.

  4. tlmck

    The Hep C is strong in that room.

  5. “Come join the “Beautiful People” at Cheetah Men’s Club!”

  6. thecrazybetty

    she has a lollypop head. is that a real person? good grief. these ppl are a mess.

  7. Ya but who’s the black dude?

  8. The white dude in the black shirt looks like he’s pissed that “some black fellow” is manhandling his chick, so he’s calling him out. He is gonna shit in his boxers when Rodman stands up!

  9. Schadenfreude

    Flava Flave looks a lot taller in this photo. It seems like he’s going for the same kind of girl, though!

  10. Vladimir

    Looks like a Scorsese remake of Boogie Nights…

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