1. Michael Imperioli looks like Tony whacked him, buried him and dug him back up.

  2. “That ain’t me… it’s these two that smell like garlic.”

  3. Michael Imperioli nailed the Eddie Vedder circa 1992 look.

  4. “EH! Who here smells like a dead guy?! Ohhhhh!”

  5. “What has two thumbs, and hangs out with assholes? THIS GUY!”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Imperioli looks like the 3rd Boston bomber.

  7. creemygoodness

    Amazing that Spider even got drafted into Nam, on account of the foot and all.

  8. rican

    Whoa, that’s my grandmother on the left!

  9. Guess we know where at least ONE of Gandolfini’s thumbs is…

  10. “I just came along for a couple of drinks, then these two decide we should go out and kill a few guys…”

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