1. Also known as the 80′s porn star Peter South.

  2. And Anthony Keides will call him mini-me.

  3. And Anthony Kiedis will call him mini-me.

  4. Well, I just figured out what I would do with the powerball money…

  5. DeucePickle

    The crocs are a nice touch

  6. (puts newspaper down, takes off sunglasses)
    Is a bathroom cup of water for Peter Dinklage the same as a full cup of water to you and I? Will we ever truly know?

    (lifts newspaper back up)

  7. The Pope

    When there’s nobody else in frame with him, and he’s holding a small cup and a little book, he just looks like a normal size guy that has a really big head.

  8. vandinz

    Mini Ron Swanson. But not as cool.

  9. He likes to drink a small coffee with half and half while reading short stories.

  10. Surely he’ll be in Anchorman 2. He has the 70′s look.

  11. Holy shit he’s in X-Men? Did they recast Wolverine?

  12. catapostrophe

    He makes sure to get his recommended 18 ounces of water per day.

  13. John Travolta

    He’s soooooo cute!!!

    : /

  14. Tom Seleck Mini-Me?

  15. State Farming

    Twins separated at birth, Peter and Phil Dinklage, were both born to assist…

  16. Mikedaddy

    Am I the only one that sees William H. Macy?!

  17. Is this from the episode where Higgins leaves Magnum in the dryer too long?

  18. Vladimir

    Guess who’s not on a scooter in sweat pants looking nerdy as Hell? Dinklage! Jackman, take notes…

  19. Dinklage for President…but just for a short term.

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