1. Good lord, he’s really going to deck that little blighter…

  2. “Say James Hewitt is my father one more time….”

  3. That baby just told him that him and his family are useless figureheads that are used to placate the British public and make them feel like their country isn’t a shell of it’s former self.

    • Oh god that’s funny.

    • Leo

      Says a seppo prick who doesn’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its”. Let me explain something to all of you fat, classless yanks: one of the things that the royal family is really useful for is shaking hands with diplomats, and kissing babies – which gives parliament lots of time to actually run the fucking country. In your country, however, the geniuses that you elect have to stop focussing on trying to run the country whenever the doorbell rings and the President of Shitfuckistan arrives for a visit. You people could learn a lot (and lose a few stone) by keeping your mouths shut.

      • Um, Don’s not American.

      • Fishballs

        It always makes me laugh when British folks insult us “yanks” about by calling us fat when, in reality, one need only take a trip to the mother country to see that it’s not exactly an island filled with Twiggy’s and Thin White Dukes. Sure, there are more fat Americans than there are Brits, but that’s only because there are MORE AMERICANS than there are Brits. Also, we brush our teeth.

      • Found the monarchist!

      • Homeland Security is tracking his IP Address and will be chatting with him shortly. Meanwhile, a hot seƱorita is sprucing up his “lodgings” in Git-Mo.

      • I knew I was bound to get at least one idiot who can’t take a joke. And today, that idiot is you, Leo. A few points:

        1) I’m not American. The internet allows people from all over the world to post on this site. Amazing, isn’t it?

        2) It’s a fucking joke. As Fish once said, “Welcome to The Superficial. We make shit up.” My joke in no way represents how I feel about the Royal family.

        3) When coming to celebrity gossip websites, it’s wise to have a sense of humour. Leave your sensitivity at the door.

  4. My pubes are strawberry blonde, not ginger, you little cunt!

  5. CrashHell

    Is anyone asking how my hand feels after punching that iron like jaw of that baby? I can barely make a fist!

  6. tlmck

    2 to 1 the baby wins.

  7. “This is your child. Remember that night you banged my granddaughter in the club bathroom.”

  8. Looks like the eTrade baby gave Harry some bad investment advice.

  9. Swearin

    “Oi, baby, what’d you say about the Manchester United?!”

  10. colt13

    With Anchorman 2 getting all of the press, here are stills from the lesser known The Campaign 2.

  11. Stop calling me Princess!!

  12. “Put that child down, you old battle-axe, and take your beating like a man!”

  13. Batu Khan

    - Say ‘kid’ again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say ‘kid’ one more Goddamn time!
    - … He just burped!

    …the moment Prince Harry realized the pressure of everyone asking him when he’ll be a father too was getting to him.

  14. datdude

    Harry reaches back to deck this kid after being called “a proper fake”.

  15. “FUCK E-TRADE!”

  16. Vlad

    Harry has a flashback to the only battle he was allowed to participate in where he single-handedly took out an orphanage in Afghanistan…with only his ginger hair and fists.

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