1. I got to give her credit. When it’s time to go on tour and make that money, she gets her ass in shape.

  2. “Alright kids, gather round, be quiet. Now look there the Spearosaurus Brit! Ten years ago, and this is no joke, your big brothers couldn’t stop masturbating to this. Nonononono don’t be frightened, it’s quite harmless unless OHMYGODDENNISTHROWTHATBAGOFONIONRINGSAWAY, RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!”

  3. Buddy The Elf

    How can this chick survive on Adderall, Cheetos and Red Bull?

    Wouldnt any normal person die from that diet after a few weeks? She has been on it for years.

  4. I’ve heard of a cottage industry, but a cottage cheese industry?

  5. Why hello there Puddin’ Butt!

  6. Scarlett

    She actually looks much better in those sweatpants than about 99% of the rest of the things I’ve seen her wear.

  7. Class, as always.

  8. Furpoh

    Actually, I liked her better with her hair cut real short………..then when she shaved her head, it got really sexy !!

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