1. Yep, Dave-o. Looks like you were right. We can all see what money cures.

  2. flavorsavor

    Can’t question his commitment to his hairstyle.

  3. ahahah

    which of those dudes is Mustaine?

  4. JimBB

    Guy’s committed. He kept his 80′s hair and his 80′s girl.

  5. david(guest)

    how has nobody made a carrot top joke yet?

  6. bonky

    He is:

    a) talking on a cellphone.
    b) hanging on to his cheap, loose fitting sunglasses.
    c) trying to prevent his hair weave from blowing away in the wind.

  7. He’s dating Sebastian Bach now?

  8. D.Mustain

    You get the worst women when playing in a metal band ! the few girls that show up are always ugly as fuck

  9. Dick Nose

    I would like to thank her for her military service

  10. I’m surprised he landed any woman. One of the most pretentious, condescending, narcissistic fucks I ever listened to when I was 15.

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