1. Her body is fucking spectacular.

  2. I think I’m in love. Does this count as jungle fever?

  3. Gotta go to Kmart. Def’nitely gotta go to Kmart.

  4. Ronaldo

    She is pretty, no denying that, but this photo is wayyyy Photoshoped.

    • Jade

      I agree. Soon people won’t even need to model because they’ll just generate an image in whatever pose wearing whatever cloth in whatever shape. Its taking false advertising to a new level. But most of all, it is trivializing beauty, when beauty is edited.

  5. jdub

    I’m sure that she’s in Kmart all the freaking time.

  6. I don’t know what Kmart is selling, but they’re selling the fuck out of it.

  7. This is for KMart’s Blue Ball special.

  8. I like the choice they made to go with an aspirational advertising campaign. Originally, they were going to do more of a slice-of-life of the average K-mart shopper campaign, but none of their bikinis looked quite right on Luis Guzman.

  9. anonym

    as long as she doesn’t open her mouth except for bj’s.

  10. phantomduck

    Sofia Vergara, brought to you by Kmart and Photoshop

  11. Miey

    This ought to move sales of tissues and lotion at Kmart.

  12. My dad calls her Sofie Viagra, I think he’s got it right.

  13. hamtime

    She’s really werkin’ it.

  14. You can get tits like that at K-Mart now? Do they carry those really great asses, too?

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