1. Who’s the bigger clown here?

  2. datass

    Congratulations Nick. Whiteface well done. Well done indeed.

  3. “Hey Nick, you like chicken? I got some sweet chicken back there. Comeon, Nick, how ’bout some nice chicken”?

  4. fred

    Pretty brave of Nick. I heard that all black guys are afraid of clowns, ghosts and certified mail.

  5. Little Tongue

    “Your wife owes me most of her butt. You need to pay up, now, or else.”

  6. JimBB

    If you;re going to shake Linsay Lohan’s hand, you really should wash your hands afterward.

  7. “Nice to meet a fellow clown Mr. McDonald”

  8. Balls Mcgee

    “You start work on Monday, kid. Don’t be late!”

  9. Marketing Mike

    Nick congratulating Bieber on his new look.

  10. Minky Wail

    “I don’t like how you peddle pure crap to kids.”
    “That’s harsh, Ronald”

  11. donkeylicks

    This whole “White Face” thing is getting out of hand!

  12. He looks absolutely ridiculous.
    And so does Ronald

  13. Nick must be thinking his wife could take some pointers from Ronald on how to tone down the makeup.

  14. Look! It’s Sammy Davis, Jr. and Bozo!

  15. That is one perverse set-up. I mean Mariah sending her husband trolling for Strange white guys.

  16. This picture looks like a euphemism for masturbating.
    “Hey Nick, whatcha doin’?”
    “I’m shaking hands with Ronald McDonald, if you know what I mean.”

  17. Sorry Nick, but the clown position has already been filled.

  18. Mariah doesn’t go through the drivethru like a normal person. She takes her order straight to the top.

  19. MC

    Only one of these clowns gets to take the uniform off when he gets home.

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