1. God damn that’s fucking creepy.

  2. bob

    he fucks guys

  3. Ronaldo

    Is that the secret hand signal?

  4. fred

    Doctor’s orders. If he doesn’t hold his junk, it falls off.

  5. Jade

    He couldn’t find his pocket and his hand needed a place to go.

  6. jdub

    David Lee Roth?

  7. Little Tongue

    “I’m so famous that I can fondle my tip in public and people don’t mind. In fact, they love it. Isn’t life great?”

  8. I have to keep the end squeezed. It keeps the clap from leaking out till I’m ready.

  9. Stinky

    Mickey he looks great, he’s lost a lot of weight in his penis. He’s proud of it too.

  10. He’s just holding the tip and waiting for Jonah Hill to kiss it.

  11. I doubt he was invited. He’s probably seen how successful Tara Reid has been in Cannes so he’s just there trying to get a cabin boy job.

  12. Tranny

    Why do some of these celebrities and rappers all grab their stuff all the time. It looks like they never get any and are masturbating in front of us. This fad is so discussing. Some guy at a McDonald’s was looking at me, and he started to do this. Now, did he really think that I would be impressed….No, I thought he was a creepy perv, and I ran the hell back to my car.

  13. I’m with Fish. Looks like hes drunk & trying to coyly grab get a few good squeezes in to make it to the mens room and play it off like its still sexy at his age to grab his junk. If the camera’s weren’t on him, he probably would have dropped trou right there on the beach.

  14. The O

    I think I found Bieber’s real father.

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