1. Stealing the souls of young men keeps her young.

  2. I hope that kid took some vitamin E. He’s in for a hell of an evening.

  3. jdub

    The ghost of Miley future.

  4. JimBB

    Cavalli? Hey, I know you! I used to babysit your great-grandmother!

  5. “You think FIFTY is old?!? HA! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

  6. Marketing Mike

    So sweetie, you’ve never been in a dungeon before?

  7. He’s totally judging the size of her throat.

  8. I hope they go on a three-hour tour.

  9. Just a little further and the jaw will unhinge, resulting in him eating her ass out from the inside.

  10. Jeffie

    I see that she’s turned in to a young boy now.

  11. She’s 56 years old and looks fucking spectacular.

  12. “Do you remember me from the movie Basic Instinct?”
    “I keep telling you no, I wasn’t even born yet!”

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