1. Cock Dr

    Curious how many clicksters will actually opt for the “full size” view.

  2. datass

    Sombody has a poopy diaper…

  3. anonyous

    Good for her to say fuck you to conventional thinking and actually become a even bigger fat ass weeks before her wedding.

  4. Jade

    I’m all for big butts.. mine is big.. but that really looks gross.

  5. One of the greatest technological advances of the 21st century is indestructible stretch fabric.

  6. Hugh G. Rection


  7. She has these little stick legs coming out of that huge ass. Doesn’t look right.

  8. Ronaldo

    Oh my sweet god….that is just gross. And this is coming from a guy who likes a girl with a nice bubble booty. But this is just not sexy at all.

  9. maoix

    Reminds me of that potato on toothpicks experiment from elementary school. I don’t remember it culturing HSV-2 though.

  10. JimBB

    That ain’t ass. The crabs have just overpopulated.

  11. Little Tongue

    I look at this, trying not to puke, and here’s what I think :

    Hypothesis 1 = Kim has had way to much stuff injected into her ass: silicon, fat, juvederm, cum, enemas, etc.). She’ll end up breaking both of her legs from the weight.

    Hypothetis 2 = Kim is a very fat girl, who got her mid-section, thighs and legs over-lippo-sucked.

    Otherwise, how would you explain that utter mess? Something is anything BUT normal here.

  12. Nice to see Lululemon has hired Edna Mode. This is the final test, after flames, rockets and atomic blasts.

  13. bonky

    Sorry, but that ass is just not sexy. I like big bottoms, but
    they have to have a certain shape, not just be some
    weird kind of balloon.

  14. I mean it literally looks like she has a prop fake ass on, it does not look remotely natural and quite frankly downright disgusting. I assume she has a sweatshop of seamstresses that have to make custom clothing to fit her body.

  15. Marketing Mike

    Imagine what that sexy serving of silicone, plastic, and fat looks like
    after she peels off the spanks, and unbuttons the diaper…

  16. looks like someone stuck two sticks up a giant pumpkin and wrapped spandex around it. fucking vomit-inducing. who the FUCK thinks this looks ‘good’? WHO????

  17. Sloppy Redneck

    Thats an ass only a negro would love .. Yuck ..

  18. It’s obviously implants. as the size does not change when she loses weight

  19. ccccat

    All I’m saying is, there is NO WAY in hell those short, stubby arms can reach around that fat ass to properly wipe it after taking a dump. Yuck.

  20. Sir Mix-a-Lot

    I changed my mind about big butts…..

  21. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS! But when you can’t find pants to fit your ass…

  22. Robb7

    What’s not seen in the photo — a host of shocked Parisians who can’t believe their eyes. They heard about, read about, and seen photos, but the actual, real-life ass of Kim Kardashian is too much to comprehend. Un vache — MOO!

  23. You look like a horribly misshapen, miserable, fat fucking cunt with elephantiasis of the ass.

  24. That’s so fake! She had to borrow half of that ass from Khloe.

  25. Ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.

  26. Jack Ketch


  27. LP

    That is the most unnatural thing I have ever seen. Doesn’t even look like a human body.

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