1. Swearin

    “I love your necklace, I want to get one for my girlfriend. Can I see you wear it when completely naked in my hotel room? You and my girlfriend have the same body type and I need to be sure it’ll look good.”

  2. Black guy thought bubble: “Is Monsieur Candy stealing my girl?”

  3. Natty Ice

    “Wanna’ hear a secret? Unlike Channing, Jonah really did kiss my tip…”

  4. Ronaldo

    This guy never stops. Good for him.

  5. “Do you think you could introduce me to Bieber over there?”

  6. Does he only have one hat, that stupid dipshit hat?

  7. “And speaking of cans…..”

  8. Marketing Mike

    uhhh, Jack Nicholson gave him that hat.
    You’d wear it too…

  9. “Is it ok if Jonah watches? Because he’s watching right now.”

  10. sc4play

    Just kiss the tip, ok? I promise that’s all you gotta do! Promise, baby!

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