1. Voice of Reisling


  2. Is the river they’re referring to the millions of soaked panties this picture caused?

  3. I’m sure that tattoo has deep emotional meaning to him.

  4. JimBB

    Not since Derek Zoolander has the world seen an intellect of this power.

  5. This dude is so obviously gay. I hope that retarded tattoo is not real.

  6. I had a headache. Now it’s cured.

    Thanks, Ryan.

  7. Whenever people tell me they think Ryan Gosling is hot, I look at them the same way I look at Zaloog when he tries to convince us Coco is a thing to put penises in.

    It’s just, he’s so bland, you know? He’s that guy you meet your freshman year in college that you think is so cool because he doesn’t own any long-sleeve shirts and smokes clove cigarettes, and then one night you’re hanging out and he invites you to his place to hear him play his guitar — because of course he plays the goddamn guitar — and you think this is it, but then he proceeds to ignore you while playing the guitar, and after about the fifth time he says, “Here’s a song I wrote because I was, like, bummed about the rain forest. They should stop it and stuff, you know?” you realize, “Oh my fucking God, he really invited me up to watch him play his guitar,” and you make your excuses to leave and he doesn’t even walk you to the door.

    *cough* Or something.

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