1. Woman in the background’s expression says it all. “What an asshole.”

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Does anyone have deodorant?

  3. fred

    Come on Eileen. Oh, I swear what he means.

  4. jdub

    BBare circa 2035

  5. Finally accepted he is going bald and put on a hat.

  6. Who da fuck still rolls their pants up?

  7. bonky

    He’s pissed because at first people think he’s Jason Statham
    or Robert Pattinson, but when they realize he’s Jude Law, they
    lose interest and walk away.

  8. Walk like a douche … ♪

  9. “That’s right, guv, I’m a ‘ard man, you wouldn’t want to trifle wif me if you know wot I mean. Know wot I mean?”

  10. I’m sure Travolta jealous that he didn’t think of this look when strutting to staying alive.

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