1. catapostrophe


  2. Johnny P!

    Oh look!
    She’s pregnant for real at the premiere of a movie about expectant mothers!
    How cool is that?
    (who the fuck is she…?)

  3. What to Expect When No One Expects You To Show Up at a Big Premiere.

  4. EricLr

    I’m glad she reproduced. I hate the thought of western civilization losing those brilliant genes.

    • JC

      Darn right. Hollywood will regurgitate a Sabrina the Teenage Witch remake (or two) soon enough, so the new one might as well be straight from the source.

  5. your mom

    Who the fuck ISN’T knocked up in Hollywood?

    p.s. GROSS.

    • You know how Hollywood types have to copy each other.

      In the early 90′s it was hip for Hollywierd white chicks to marry black guys. In the late 90′s it was hip to be lesbian. Then came the “adopt a black baby” phase. Now we have pregnant phase.

      Personally, I’m waiting for “bomb that wipes Hollywood” off the map phase.

  6. The Brown Streak

    I see they had cheesecake at the pre-screening party.

  7. difficult brown

    She had to pay her ten bucks to get in, just like everybody else.

  8. Contusion

    Why do all pregnant women assume that they need to hold the top and underside of their belly for photos so that we all know they are pregnant?

  9. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Clarissa should have swallowed it all.

  10. errol

    omg she’s been pregnant longer than jessica simpson? or she has like 10 kids

  11. kimmykimkim

    Again, lay off the cake! I mean the cock!

  12. Blech

    She doesn’t seem to like the smell of J-Lo.

    Overall, her expression tells us exactly what the movie is all about.

  13. You know what I expect? A terrible fucking movie.

  14. dooood

    mazel tov melissa.
    gonna miss your sweet heart shaped behind

  15. Bootology

    like me some cantaloupe-esque pregnant boobies!

  16. tlmck

    Knocked up again so she does not have to explain her lack of acting gigs.

  17. rawfodog

    Sabrina the not-so-teenage mom.

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