1. Way to dress up for your honoring!

  2. Is it racist that the black man was honored by a bus company?

  3. Testing….testing…Is this thing on?

  4. Why can’t celebrities who are used to speaking into microphones ever figure out that they don’t have to lean down and touch the mic with their mouths. Just stand up and talk, dumbass.

  5. So he thought he had to wear the color to get on?

  6. “Hey, look at me! I’m Kim Kardashian with a chinese guy!”

  7. awkward turtle

    “So all I have to do to get my credibility back is suck on this thing like it’s a straw? Am I doing it right? You say that Ice Cube AND Ice T both did this?

  8. “If no one here recognizes me, ask your grandparents. I have a show on CBS.”

  9. John


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