1. margaret


  2. Protip: If the sight of just half of your nipple makes people want to turn away and retch, maybe nip slips are not the way to go in your famewhore efforts.

  3. C’mon man, you’re SLASH! get yourself some mid 20s trim

  4. Cliches become cliches for a reason.

  5. malaka

    good for him. he still looks….. great.
    in that biker had sex with a sheep dog kind of way.

  6. when she walks, I bet it sounds like two wet balloons rubbing together.

  7. One of these things is not like the other…

  8. popwilleatitself

    square boob

  9. I didn’t realize that manhole covers could have nipples.

  10. She’s classy

  11. I can’t bear to see him and Axl like this anymore. They were so glorious and now the talent has been drained from their flabby bellies.

  12. alexxx3488

    Am I the only person who scratched at their screen for a solid 30 seconds before realizing that her nipple wasn’t a smudge?

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