1. “No… no… no… OH!! Look!! That one’s actually pointing at us! Quick, smile!”

  2. “And, that’s where you’ll be working Camera 3″
    “I used to be in front of these cameras.”
    “Yes, sure you did, dear.”

  3. timmy

    I don’t care what anyone says – she’s soooooo hot. What a body.

    • JC

      I wanted to bang the hell out of her back in her “Roswell” days. But then she decided to make 7,000 versions of the same shitty romantic comedy and generally act like an asshole. It takes a toll on the hotness quotient.

      (Fine, I still would. But I’m a pig.)

    • Well yeah, banging women we hate is what makes us men.

    • JimBB

      She would look a lot better wearing a muzzle.

  4. -”Look, he faps! He faps!”
    -”Him? He a loser, girl!”

  5. “I’m going to sue that camera person because they are making money off my image”

  6. “And over there is my mother. She will be monitoring everyone’s behavior and if it is not to her liking, then I walk.”
    “That fat bag is your Mother? Oooooh girl…”(Not Sterling)

  7. Flatliner

    Much love to Alfre…my morning shit to Katherine

  8. Chaz

    A bit confused, and unaware that they are staring into a mirror…
    “Hey is that Oprah”
    “No, it’s Ashley Judd!”
    “What the fuck just happened?”

  9. Katherine Heigl is blocking my view of Alfre Woodward. Looooove Alfre Woodard.

  10. ultra

    “Alfre, I’m going to murder that hobo.”
    “Katherine, that’s Johnny Depp.”

  11. Strangely enough, I would do both of them.

  12. Ron Burgundy

    I think your career went that way dear!

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