1. I can see Cory’s ghost trying to close that gap….

  2. Seems that someone forgot the nipple tape.

  3. Bingo! View Full Size… zoom to 400% and… nipple!

    I have a sad, sad life.

  4. Upfronts, downfronts – either one is fine…

  5. Another children’s awards show?

  6. JC

    The body is nice. The head…not so much.

  7. Not Emily but hey I will take the hit and do her for the team!!!

  8. Enjoy it before she looks up.

  9. bitchy

    I thought she was going to St. Judes with an outfit like that.

  10. cc

    Sometimes even with very little nudity a picture can be really awesome. This is one of those times. Fuck that looks good.

  11. She simply refuses to cover those babies up and I say more power to her. They are her bast feature by far and she should share it with the world.

  12. Ralph

    Show me your Tits!! Oh, you are.

  13. I enjoy her. Her craven desperation to be noticed is funny. Like when her boyfriend died and she was putting pictures of her ass on Instagram a week later. It’s smart, really. She sees the wheels on that Glee gravy train flying off and she wants to build an audience for that inevitable sex tape.

  14. Face down, tit out…only way it’s acceptable with this fug.

  15. It’s an easy mistake to make. I don’t know how many red carpet events I’ve accidentally shown up to in my half-kimono.

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