1. She looks… deloused.

  2. Cock Dr

    She looks….almost completely de-accessorized.
    Show us your teeth…celebrity ID in doubt.

  3. pbjelly

    Hey piggy! Lose some weight you hippo!!

  4. Thought it was an Olsen

  5. Chaz

    Ke$ha? Looks more like KeĀ¢ha to me.

  6. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to keep doing it. She’s never looked better. Now you guys will agree with me when I said I would.

  7. Ladies, do you find yourself lacking motivation to stay in shape? Just hire Kesha’s manager. For the low, low cost of $19.99, he’ll come to your house and call you a “fucking fridge”. You’ll be living at the gym before you know it.

    Side effects may include crippling depression, alcoholism and becoming Kesha.

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