1. She looks worse than Kurt Cobain does now.

    Too soon?

  2. Cock Dr

    Those flowers tattoos make her look so fresh and feminine.

  3. Gas builds up as the animal’s viscera and stomach contents decompose, but whale skin and blubber are tough. The massive throat pouch that you see inflating in all the pictures is designed to fill with seawater and then force it out through baleen.

  4. She was found this way this morning. Coroners are still attempting to determine a time of death.

  5. After all these years no one wants to nail her, no one? Any takers? Take one for the team?

  6. malaka

    i’m sorry to say, i thought she was actually cute in the larry flynt movie…..

  7. “Te wanna-wanga.”

  8. cc

    It’s not often I’m grateful for the absence of an upskirt.

  9. fuckface

    All right. Who photoshopped Dave Mustaine’s head onto Dave Mustaine’s body?

  10. Chaz

    And in this photo, the rest of Angelina’s makeup has faded away.

  11. That Nirvana money has kept her neck deep in cocaine for that last 20 years.

  12. did you ever see that video of the hyena eating the asshole of the dead bloated elephant, and then the guts explode?

    I’m looking for that video right now to get THIS image out of my head.

  13. ultra

    what a vision of loveliness.

  14. JimBB

    “What street did you say again, miss?”


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