1. Looks like Lohan just sneezed nearby.

  2. She wasn’t going to let Mariah be the only person who went to Terry Richardson with her children…

  3. Cock Dr

    POWDER 911

  4. that basically sums me up for most of my 20s

  5. Someone had the wrong idea about “pancake makeup”.

  6. anonymous

    Always said she looked like a skeleton wearing flesh tone makeup.

  7. JC

    Why didn’t someone adjust her color contrast? For Pete’s sake, the instructions are right there on her arm.

  8. malaka

    she was hot in hackers.
    after that, i just didn’t really give a fuck.

  9. Looks like an editor’s kid got a hold of the photoshop spray bush…

  10. “The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human… sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot.”

  11. cc

    A sloppy effort by Madame Tussaud’s I have to say.

  12. Marketing Mike

    The white powder isn’t white powder guys…
    It’s an expensive cover makeup that stars used to use in person.
    They stopped using it about 3 years ago, because the bright
    flash from photographers cameras did that white powder thing.
    Somebody needs to take her aside and explain it to her… loll

  13. Odbarc

    She’s gotten so thin you her skeleton is peeling through her skull.

  14. I see that Brad’s robo-wife creation is almost complete, just a little touchup paint and its good to go. I’m assuming she sucks like a hoover but does she do windows as well?

  15. Brad looks like he’s had surgery, and Angelina needs to lay the fuck off the makeup.

    • he has had lots of surgery and she is damn near embalmed with botox and fillers. That over chiseled nose job is coming back to haunt her as she ages and loses ever more facial fat. She is gross. Look at Adriana Lima then back at her if you need convincing.

  16. The makeup is falling off and revealing that she truly is Maleficent.

  17. Well, now we know how she got Pitt to ditch his wife, adopt 18 kids and take up with someone that has had Billy Bob Thornton inside them: She’s made of cocaine.

  18. 5 seconds later Lindsay was seen trying to lick Angelina’s face.

  19. so sad brad didnt age well at all

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