1. Look, I’m as realistic as the next guy but couldn’t she have tried porn like her sister before signing up for the circus?

  2. They’ve finally found something more efficient at taking out buildings than a wrecking ball.

  3. Is too much to ask for another trapeze accident this soon, God?

  4. jackman

    I wonder how long it took for the ropes to snap.

  5. papaschmurfenstein

    BEHOLD! the Wookiee gracefully swinging through the trees of its native planet, Kashyyyk.

  6. Cock Dr

    The Ringling Bros circus is taking no chances with it’s aerial safety equipment this time around. The pre-show testing has now been raised to a whole new level.

  7. (insert Tarzan cry)

  8. Training for the next American Tourister commercial.

  9. You know, just wear a fucking shirt so we don’t have to see your pink bra. It’s not sexy. It never will be. Knock that shit off.

  10. She’s about to do the tarzan call and land on the top of of the AT-ST and get a Han, Leia, C3P0, and R2 out a jam to get those shields down!

  11. You remember the scene from Jurassic Park where they’re lowering the cows into the raptor pit? Well, this is an outtake of that scene.

  12. Chewie returns to the forest moon of Endor.

  13. fred

    “That bear sure does move like a monkey,” said one old guy talking to another and watching nearby.

  14. david(guest)

    i love this place. i had one glance at the image & knew the comments section would be filled with gold

  15. cc

    With those cables gone, how is the San Fransisco bridge holding up?

  16. Meshuggah Tits

    Well, George Clooney said he’d get engaged when pigs fly…

  17. dennis

    Wasn’t there a huge incident just LAST week where nine people got hurt doing a trapeze act?

    This gorilla decides to tempt fate. The brains in this family…..

  18. The nursery rhyme never said anything about the cow using a trapeze to jump over the moon.

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