1. Working her like a puppet…

  2. I like how this looks like one of those portraits you get at Sears.

  3. *sniff*
    (Eww. Pussy)

  4. This looks like two completely different pictures photoshopped together. One used Unsharp Mask, and the other didn’t.

  5. Juch

    “How’s she going to do my nails when she’s facing forward like that?”

  6. malaka

    so the yellow shirts went and convinced wolverine to finally deal with yingluck shinawatra once and for all.

  7. JR

    “So, this is what a female breast feels like. Hmm. No, still not into it.”

  8. When he gets it in, does she go “BingBingBing”?

  9. He looks like he just won an Olympic silver medal.

  10. j/k

    I’m sure that fan’s name isn’t Bing bing. Superficial, you’re racist.

  11. Marketing Mike

    The sign says “Beard for Rent” in Japanese.

  12. WTF, Glamour Shots?

  13. Guess he shouldn’t have said “May I push in you’re stool ?”

  14. JimBB

    He’s wondering if he should get Chinese tonight.

  15. Sancho

    Every time I come around yo city BING BING!

  16. Is he giving her a haircut?

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