1. Is she trying to tease Chris Brown with a boxing type outfit? Because if she is, she just became all that much more awesome…

  2. Don Zaloog

    Yes! Yes! All day Yes!. Ooops, my pants….

  3. The “04″ in the photo refers to her being named by FHM Magazine as the 4th sexiest woman in the world.

  4. malaka

    idk if i’m even going to make it to the other pictures at this point…

  5. perfection that name is dat ass !!!

  6. Ronaldo

    Wow……she looks amazing in that photo. Showing that she is a total package (front and back).

  7. cc

    Oh God, she’s activated the voices in my head again!!! All that therapy wasted.

  8. With a name like Ratajkowski , it’s GOT to be good.

  9. There is no one sexier than she is. What I wouldn’t do to be with her.

  10. Perfect in EVERY way!

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