1. j/k

    Comb over, fingerless gloves, oversize cargo capri pants, grey socks pulled all the way up, denim jacket, and a leather hip sack.

    Doesn’t need anything else to be hilarious.

  2. The Adventures of Clutch Cargoshorts.

  3. That sippy cup he’s carrying makes him look completely ridiculous.

  4. Man, I love the Dice man… But what a fucking douche!

  5. Well, it’s not something I would wear, but it landed him Courtney Cox, so…

  6. Huh, I guess Demi can go douchier.

  7. Nice purse faggot.

    I feel i’m on solid PC ground here as this photo is way, WAY gayer than men simply having sex with other men.

  8. Cock Dr

    Based on his garb I’m guessing that the DiceMan just does not give a single fuck.

  9. Hickory, Dickory, Doo,
    What the hell happened you YOU?!?

  10. I’m surprised those aren’t Velcro strap shoes.

  11. lawn

    Still around, still irrelevant.

  12. parachute capris. fuckin lovely.

  13. Hickory dickory shmuck.

  14. “Yo, ain’t one o’ dese t’ings a camera?”

  15. Vlad

    the only thing missing is a velvet sombrero with tassles

  16. sweet-ass fanny pack, Diceman

  17. So Demi’s hooking up with Dice now? I don’t know if that ‘s a step forward or backward.

  18. Are you trying to tell me he’s still alive?

  19. robthomas

    clint eastwood? he fucked you!

  20. How much cargo can one man carry?

  21. “So, Courtney… you still hang out with any of the ‘Friends’?”
    “Fuck off, Dice”
    “Fair enough. But before I go, do you have a dollar?”

  22. Gotta love the tourists in LA!

  23. Clay looks like he wasn’t quite sure where he was going so he just threw on a one o’ these, and one o’ those, and how about this thing here…”Yo, you think a scarf and a hat might be going a bit overboard?”

  24. Needs more pockets

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